1. Visualization for a post fossil city in the near future. In this scenario humanity is forced to leave earth due to unlivable circumstances on planet earth. Not possessing the technology to inhabit another planet current technology is used to escape the unlivable conditions. From those sates that can afford the expense the population is forced to take refuge in large state funded space stations. Poorer coutries will probably not be able to evacuate their population, only a fraction perhaps and they remain. The rich and wealthy take refuge in their own more luxurious space dwellings located on the moon which they bought. Corporations own the means of production and deliver parts and artificially created food to the majority of the population in the state-owned space stations.Commercial spacecraft dominate the space around earth offering various forms of entertainment and other distractions to the general population by means of a distraction from the dreadful situation in the cramped state-owned space stations. In return for their generosity they mine cryptocurrency in peoples minds. The project aims to explore the socio-economic impacts of such a development as wel as the technology necessary, the media attention such a development would generate prior to the event and reflects on the division between rich and poor and business and goverments, that relation will only become glaringly obvious in a place where there is nowhere to hide such as the direct space orbting earth. The project is still in its infancy and needs a lot more work and research.